Nordic Integrated Security Software

NSI Gate Access Software is designed based on years of feedback from homeowners, board members, property managers and concierge officers to enable, the fast, efficient processing of gate arrivals.

Concierge Interface:

Our software gives your concierge a simple, fast, stable and robust interface to quickly and accurately admit guests and vendors into the community.

Resident Interface:

Residents can logon to their secure account profiles and add daily guests and vendors. This resident involvement greatly helps in expediting guest and vendor processing at the gate and enhancing concierge productivity and accuracy.

Management Interface:

Your management staff can log on to their secure account profiles to manage resident information and view administrative reports on the needs of the community.

More Features:

  • Print gate-to-house directions
  • Automatic email or text notification of your guest or vendor's arrival
  • Barcode readers available for even faster processing
  • Long term and overnight parking pass features available
  • Individual homes can be set to private temporarily denying all guest activity
  • Much more!