A Complete Turn Key Solution

Nordic Systems Integration is your best source for a state of the art integration solution for your community’s protection and safety. Coupled with Nordic Security Services, you receive high touch, highly visible prevention while keeping a constant pulse on the state and health of your environment.


Our technology starts with an ultra-modern, top density data center married with integrated services and storage. Fiber optic bandwidth delivery allows for real time communications with your most important community data. Guest arrivals can be tracked and notifications can be sent out at the time of arrival. Now, resident mobile devices become the perfect endpoint for secure entry. Monitoring can occur within the gates from a micro level.

Real Time Communications

All gate computers act as synchronization databases that are in constant communication with our data center. In moments, any activity at any gate is transmitted to all other gates at the corresponding property as well as stored in our secure databases in our server room. In the event of an internet outage, each gate can act as a standalone solution for an extended period of time. There is no interruption in the services provided.

All visitors are issued a pass authorizing them to enter the gate. Passes can be assigned for one-time entry, one day or extended date ranges. Stored on their dashboard, the printed pass includes both directions to their destination and a barcode. Upon re-entry, their pass can be scanned by our barcode reader for even faster processing.


Video recordings improve service delivery at both manned and unmanned gates to ensure the highest level and quality. The presence of high definition cameras in conspicuous locations acts both as a deterrent to criminals and encourages employees to stay more focused. Should a barrier arm encounter a mechanical issue, video feeds can be reviewed and archived on a case by case basis.

Access Control

Transponder registration is 100% integrated into our proprietary web-based management solution. Property Managers can review gate activity, deploy new activations and suspend transponder access directly assigned to residents or tenants from a browser in just seconds. This eliminates the problem of dual entry. Busy managers will confess that not always do multiple systems get updated, leaving a gaping hole in the security of your homeowners.

Website Integration

Through years of direct feedback from our residential community members throughout Southern California, we have compiled the best and easiest solution for individuals to have a self-service portal for all of their day to day guest and parking needs. We offer a variety ways to interface with your management portal. A single sign-on page offers a simple way for each user type to login and view the site for their own needs.

For Community Members

As a resident, you will only view your address and profile. Here you can update your lists of resident names, phone numbers, vendors, email addresses, vehicles, pets and more. On a per email address basis, opt in or out to gate and community notifications. A community calendar and resident directory is available should your community members elect to use these features.

Nordic iGate Software

For Property Managers

As a manager, the view is open to see and search all resident homes and addresses on the property. Managers can generate email notifications, update the community calendar, post HOA documents, add a blog entry, view reports and manage transponder/fob usage. Have a permit system? One click and that feature is available to you as well.

Pride of ownership is a powerful feeling.  That is why we offer login page customization.  Residents prefer the familiarity of their community images when signing in.

We're Mobile

On the go? So are we! That’s why we offer the Nordic iGate App for both iPhone and Android. A resident can manage all of the basics of their profile right from their phone or tablet. Whether it’s pizza delivery or a family friend, a few quick clicks and your guest is registered. Arriving at the gate minutes later and they are quickly issued a pass. This saves time for your residents and reduces processing time for guards.

And More!

Want more features? Great! We never stop developing new and better ways to speed up the entry process. We offer license plate recognition which will identify registered guests allowing the guard to print a pass in just one click.

We look forward to collaborating with your team to help make your community pleasant and efficient.